Langco Land & Cattle is a mixed farming operation located 4 miles east, and 2 1/2 miles south of Viking.  Family owned and operated by Colin and Evelyn Lang and Steven and Donna Lang, the beef division consists of 80 Black Angus cows bred Angus and another 70 that are crossed with Simmental.

Our motto, "Keep the Best and Cut the Rest" reflects our continuous pursuit to improve the quality of bulls we have to offer  every year, as we meticulously cull from day one to sale day. Not every cow is a bull mother.  Commercial cows are crossbred,  producing what we feel are tremendous commercial replacements marketed at our sale.  Our, long yearling, sale bulls are developed slowly and not pushed as calves, only to achieve high yearling weights.  They are grassed all summer, then brought in, in early fall to get ready for sale.  We feel this gives our customers the best chance for purchasing a bull they can be proud of well past sale day.  At Langco we believe in a balanced breeding approach, not breeding for extreme, and we like to think of our pasture as our show ring.

We feel we can provide commercial cattlemen with high performance bulls raised under ranch conditions, developed and fed properly on high roughage rations.  Long yearlings will breed more cows while maintaining condition, adding longevity and value to your commercial operation.  

Feel free to stop by the farm at any time, and we would be glad to discuss the possibility of adding Langco genetics to your operation.
Home of Langco Angus
We "Keep the Best and Cut the Rest"
Barrett, Gracie, Donna & Steven    
Colin & Evelyn
Steven & Donna

PO Box 604
Viking, Alberta
T0B 4N0
Ph/Fax (780) 336-4928
Colin & Evelyn

PO Box 753
Viking, Alberta
T0B 4N0
Ph (780) 336-2288
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